Who chooses Bowen Technique?

It's simplicity and effectiveness makes Bowen suitable for all ages including babies and the very elderly and it can be used throughout pregnancy.

It is also very suitable for special needs children, and the technique can help children with conditions that affect movement, posture and co-ordination, for example cerebral palsy.

Increasing numbers of health and sports professionals are turning to Bowen Technique to treat muscular, skeletal or nerve imbalance, injury, chronic conditions or acute or chronic pain.

Where other therapies fail, Bowen can still have fantastic results, even for chronic complaints.

Athletes and dancers use Bowen Technique because it can increase flexibility and reduce muscle pain and fatigue.

The Bowen Technique is being used at high level sports clubs in this country including Rugby and Premiership Football Clubs. It is possible through the Bowen technique moves, to prevent common sports injuries, such as hamstrings from pulling.

The Adventurer Bear Grylls, is a celebrity devotee of the Bowen technique, and has a Bowen therapy every month which helps keep his chronic back pain from intervening in his busy filming schedule.



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