Welcome to The Camberley Bowen Clinic

The Camberley Bowen Clinic is based in Camberley offering effective treatment for many common injuries and muscle conditions including bad backs, neck and shoulder pain, but also migrane and pregnancy problems.

The Camberley Bowen Clinic is run by Barbara-Anne Chapman (BTAA) and specialises in the Original Bowen Technique.

It is extremely gentle and is considered suitable for everyone - from new born babies, the frail and the elderly. No adverse effects have ever been reported.

Using the Bowen technique, the therapist can assist recovery from many conditions, from traumatic injury to chronic illness. Recovery depends on the individuals capacity to heal.

Bowen moves are light and gentle, with the therapist moving the muscle in a very precise way. There is no forceful pressure applied and the therapy can be performed though light clothing if necessary. The therapist is able to locate stress in the muscles and other soft tissue, and then perform in a sequence, specific moves, to assist the pain relief and recovery for a particular condition.

The therapist will perform a Bowen move and then allow essential pauses during the session so that the body can respond and begin the healing process. The therapist  can target a specific problem such as a painful back or treat the body as a whole.

Results are often remarkable, even from the first session. Most patients of Bowen therapy find three or four sessions are enough treatments for even long standing complaints.

Barbara-Anne's experience when working on patients is that they often tell her unrelated problems have also improved greatly or been cured.


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